Saving the state of an open pdf? Is this possible?

I have a problem:

I sometimes have 3 or more pdf documents where I want to extract informations from. So I open the editor beside the pdf (which I put into a “Research”- folder). Sometimes I need to switch between pdfs.
When I return to a pdf that was per example at page 8 when I switched to another one, it has returned to page 1.

I hope you get what I mean.
I’d like to switch between two pdf files forth and backwards and each pdf should stay at the position where I left it. Instead, it always returns to page 1.

Maybe someone can help me.

Thanks and best regards.

Hmm, PDFs should remember where they were and return to the page last viewed, so I’m not sure why this would be happening. Does it happen with all PDFs?

Thank you for your fast answer.
I have four different pdfs, one a Scanner pdf, 2 made by MS Word, one made by Pages.

Maybe it is a bug, I tried to restart Scrivener but it still has the problem, I will restart my Mac and try to make a new project.

Another problem is that it doesn’t safe the zoom level on different pdfs, should this work, too? The first pdf are scans of a book and when I zoom in to be able to read it, and then switch to another pdf that was made through a normal MS word document, the other on is unreadable because it is also zoomed in.

Yes, the zoom level should be saved too. Are all other settings getting saved correctly? For instance, if you close the project and reopen it, does it reopen showing the document you were last looking at in the editor, with all the panes the correct sizes?

When I reopen the file the first pdf is open and the zoom level is the same but the part I zoomed in isn’t correct.
The article looks like a newspaper, I zoom in to see the right bottom part of the page.

When I reopen the file the zoom level is the same but the zoomed part is the upper left corner.