Saving to a specified folder

I’m sure I’m being really dumb and this is simple to fix but I just can’t work it out. Currently my .scriv projects all save to My Documents, which means they are jumbled up with the other clutter in my life. I’d like to put a folder there called Scrivener Projects, which I know how to do, and for all projects to auto save to there. So they’re all in one place. How? Thank you x :smiley:

How to save projects to a different location.

On the create new project screen click on the browse button. Navigate to where you want to save the project and click create. It is not possible to auto set the save destination atm but hopefully this will be available by final release.

To move existing projects to the new location copy any folders that end with .scriv

Hope that helps.

Thank you Stacey, that helps a lot :smiley:

Just make sure before you move any .scriv folders that the project is closed! :slight_smile: