Saving to an alternative folder-suggestion [LOGGED]

When you create a new project, you can choose where that project is saved. The default is My Documents, but there is the option to choose an alternative.

I wanted to change mine to my ‘Dropbox’ folder. I clicked on ‘save new project to’ > browse > ‘drop box’

however, at this point it isn’t clear what you should do to confirm that you have chosen the folder you want. I worked out in the end that you just press enter, but would it possible to put in ‘ok’ and ‘cancel’ buttons into this dialogue box to make it a bit clearer?



Hi Pip,

Which beta version are you using and on what system? When I browse for a new file location during the initial project creation, I do see “OK” and “Cancel” buttons in the window, so I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding or there’s a difference in the interface. I’m on XP sp3, beta 021.

I’m using windows 7 starter, and the current bete (due to run out on the 10th of April).
Would it be helpful to attach a print screen? I’m not sure what the etiquette is on the size of attached images etc.


I wonder if you’re right and it’s a system thing; I don’t have ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’ buttons on the import dialogue either.

What I’d like is something similar to this, and may in fact be what he really wants/needs. I’d like somewhere in the preferences/options to be able to change the default area that Scrivener saves to. I NEVER use the My Documents folder as that is set up to automatically encrypt on my computer. Having to page through several layers of folders to get to where I actually want to keep my files every time is a pain in my assets–namely my wrists (Repetitive motion is a beach post-Exxon spillage).

Anyway, I have a ‘my writing’ folder on my E drive where I keep everything else writing related. It would be nice to set Scrivener to be able to default to that folder.

Using the last folder selected should be default behavior once Scrivener is ready for full release, I think. Until then, you can create a shortcut in My Documents to your folder on the E: drive so that navigating to it is faster.

the shortcut an OK work around while in beta, but it would still be a good preference feature to have.

Ah, I see. This was added for creating new projects–it will use the location of your last created/opened/saved project–but the “Save As” option does default to Documents and that should remember your last setting also. Logged!

Awesome. Thanks!