Saving to iCloud

I’m not seeing an iCloud option in the save menu.
Scrivener 2.5 purchased from the App Store
Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

I thought that I read Scrivener supported iCloud storage.

Can I store to iCloud and if so how?

You probably read that Scapple supports it. Unlike Scrivener, it uses a more standard file based format, which is suitable for basic file synchronisation like iCloud. Software like Scrivener uses a complex scalable format that is actually composed of dozens of files initially, and can ramp up into thousands for more mature projects. It’s what makes it so authors can write a ten novel sci-fi series into a single project, with all the background info together—but that also means that simple file-transit based services like iCloud haven’t the tools to handle it on the front end.

There are some unofficial ways to access what amounts to an iCloud “disk”. You may try those at your own risk. In theory they should be okay, but you always want to be very careful when asking an unknown service to handle rapid file management over long distances. In our experience, Dropbox has a good track record, so long as the basic guidelines are followed. Google Drive is one we recommend avoiding for the time being. It has been known to cause data loss when attempting to use it with a high-bandwidth file format like Scrivener’s.

Forgive my technical ignorance, Ioa, but I’m wondering what iCloud’s issue is with packages like Scrivener files and, say, iMovie projects? Do you foresee a time when iCloud will be sophisticated enough to deal with Scrivener?

It’s all up to Apple, frankly. I don’t think there is anything in the underlying technology itself that would prohibit the transit of large quantities of files and folders—but it’s hard to say until Apple allows it and lots of people test it. In theory Google Drive should work fine, but something in the handling layer that determines which files should be where is not reliable enough to trust with a format like Scrivener’s. Fact is, we can’t even try. There is no interface for it.