Saving to Time Machine

I’ve noticed that Time Machine doesn’t automatically back Scrivener files (a particular frustration when using Time Machine for versioning control between macs). Perhaps it’s a broader issue with .rtfd files, but I’m not certain. Apple support offered no suggestions, so I’m wondering if other Scrivener users have encountered this conundrum and, if so, whether they discovered an elegant solution.



I just checked. All my .scriv files are Time Machined just fine. In fact, it looks like you have to be pretty explicit if there’s something you don’t want backed up.

Do your Scrivener files live on the local hard drive, or somewhere else?


Do you mean there’s no way to activate Time Machine within Scrivener, like you can in iPhoto? That’s true. But Time Machine definitely has no problem backing up .scriv package files.

Using Time Machine for version control sounds like a very dangerous idea. As far as I know, two machines are never supposed to share the same Time Machine repository. Have you considered Subversion?