Saving work?

Hi new to Scrivener and am using this for my EdD so I would like some advice as I am not amazingly computer literate ;[ how can I ensure that this is saved else where and how ? I do have evernotes so it would be great if some how I could use this{?} then I would have access to what I had written on the move e.g on ipad Iphone… thanks for help:] x :astonished:

Projects are saved into bundles on your Mac. When you created it, you were asked where to put it, so that is where it is. If you just clicked Okay on this, then it is probably in your Documents folder as that is the default.

As for sharing the file around, it’s more complicated than that since a project is many files. It is potentially hundreds or even thousands of them. So there wouldn’t be a way to stash it in a note-based application like Evernote, at least not in a fashion which could be displayed just anywhere, even if there is no Scrivener.

What you might want to look in to are some of the options in Chapter 13 of the user manual PDF. There are some synchronisation tools that are designed specifically for working with the iPhone and iPad. There are some special purpose sync tools for Simplenote and Index Card (the latter doesn’t work on an iPhone). There is also a general “files and folders” tool which can be combined with Dropbox, MobileMe, SugarSync, or the like. So long as your preferred editor on the mobile device can use these services to work on files, it can be a very effective way of referencing and taking down notes on the go, and having those changes synced back into your project when you return to your Mac.