I haven’t had this problem before, but after working on revising a chapter yesterday afternoon, I finished it, hit “save” and closed out the project. Later, I remembered I wanted to write a note to myself, I opened the chapter and all the new material I wrote had reverted to the previous edition. Typically I notice when the automatic saving occurs, but I have to admit that this time I didn’t see the little asterisks. I checked of it was set for every 2 seconds and it was.

I have this synced with Dropbox and it’s all the previous edition in everything on the two computers I use. So now it’s back to reaching back into the nooks and crannies of the gray sponge that I call a brain and see if I can remember what the hell I wrote and re-write it. I’ll be hitting save more often and will let you know whether it’s me or whether it’s a bug.

Paranoid ex-grad student here, but I like to back my project up every time I open up scrivener, and every time I close it. (I generally only keep around the last 5 backups, though.)

I just checked again, and the new stuff is gone. It’s like I didn’t even open up the project :confused: No clue what happened.

Dumb question, but LAP posted an updated installer that fixes some permissions problems…have you tried reinstalling scrivener from that one? … taller.exe

I installed it after I noticed that my learned words were still getting the red underline (they still do, but I just ignore them). This is really flummoxing me because I never had any issue when it came to saving. I noticed it yesterday that it didn’t sync on the HP laptop, but it was okay on the netbook. I worked on the netbook, saved the work and it reverted to what I had on the HP laptop. I’m also wondering if it’s a Drobox issue? I don’t know. It’s really giving me a headache trying to figure it out and looking at all these back up copies to see if it somehow materializes.