Saving's problem winxp and win7

Dutch Windows 7 pro, 32 bits, NTFS
I am admin. Installed Scrivener as admin.
projectfiles are both win’s in C:\prog.files\scriv*.*
With all writing permissions.
Saving norm when writing, is each 10/20 min.
No other programs or services are linked to Scrivener

Problem I find is that "If I save in Scriv on XP machine with “save”, there is no problem.
But when i start “save as” on other location, I have a problem because it is not saves as
one file, but as a map. So I cannot use the same name because it will open the map.
And then it will not save a map into a map.

I have to manualy delete the entire map and save the map again from within Scr.


Scrivener projects are folders of files. When you first create a project, you choose a location to create and save it, and every time the project auto-saves or you click “Save”, you’re overwriting the files in that same location (all the files in the project that have changed since the last save). “Save As” creates a copy of the entire project to a different location, so it’s creating another .scriv folder with all its contents. It is possible to overwrite the same copy when doing “Save As”–you have to type in the name without the “.scriv” extension and then click “Save” or hit Enter, otherwise as you’ve seen it will simply open the folder with the idea that you’re going to save inside it, as is standard on Windows. But as the entire folder is the project, Scrivener won’t allow you to save in the .scriv folder, as that would get rather messy and most likely end up corrupting the project.

“Save As” is usually used for forking a project–when you have a project started and decide that you want to take it in two separate directions, so you create a copy with “Save As”, call it something else, and then work in each project separately. Maybe you set up an initial project with all the background research, for instance, and then use “Save As” to create a copy of that project so you can work on the sequel there while continuing work on the first book in the original version of the project. In that case, you’re not going to be repeatedly overwriting the same copy from the original, so you’d never run into the above issue. It sounds like what you’re looking for is the File > Backup function, just to create a backup of your work, while you continue working in the same original project.

Scrivener by default makes a complete date-stamped zip copy of your project every time you close and saves the most recent five of these backups (so that you don’t start getting an overloaded disk by having every backup of every project you ever make), but you can change these settings under Tools>Options… in the Backup tab, including the location of where the backups save and whether automatic backups are made at all. You can then use File > Backup > Back Up Now to create a backup to that location any time you want (not just on project open or close) and you can use File > Backup > Back Up To… to create a backup at any location you specify.

I hope that helps!