saying hi.. lyric and book writer

First, a very sincere thanks for Scrivener! It has helped me SOOO much.

I originally bought it to write a series of books…a dream of mine I have had for years, but never thought I would have time to do. Only problem is, I found another great use for Scrivener, and I have once again placed the book writing on the shelf. What use would that be? Lyric writing!

Thanks to the feature and tool sets of Scrivener, it has become absolutely, 100% essential for my music work. I have played in bands, toured clubs all over the USA, and also run FOH (the guy, or girl in this case, that runs sound for the band…sometimes much more as well), designed and ran lighting systems, and also have engineered and produced in studios (from bedroom size to the biggies). Playing in bands was tons of fun; I cannot imagine not having done that. I played cover songs, and tons of original music, but most music was a collaborative effort. And I have always had a dream of writing a nice album that told a story, ala The Who’s “Tommy,” Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” etc. I also wanted it to have a sort of conceptual side; IOW, not directly tell the story…maybe more “inspired by this story” than a direct telling.

OK, anyway…Scrivener is AMAZING for lyrics. I can have a main document with tons of lyric ideas, all nicely sorted. When I began work on my first album, I created a new folder, named it, and then proceeded to create sub folders, each named for the section of the album it would cover, which I broke down further into what could be compared to “movements” in classical music I guess. Then I create text docs, name them, jot ideas in the areas on the right, and begin writing lyrics. The formating tools allow me to make it all look very nice, and I can then easily begin doing verses, choruses, bridges, etc. Cool part? When I highlight the main “all encompassing” document for all the lyrics, those index cards allow me to write quick references, which allows me to find a set of lyric ideas easily. This way, if I am working on a song with “X” type feel and is expressing “Y,” I can highlight that main doc, flip through the index cards, and then hit those docs I think might contain ideas I can add, expand upon, etc.

Sorry for the long-winded post. I have been using Scrivener now for several months, and I have been so busy I simply never found the time to post here, saying “Hi!” and saying thank you for such an incredible tool! Now when I work on music, I have my music app open (Pro Tools, Logic Studio Pro, and/or Sibelius), and on my second screen Scrivener has a permanent home! Not having it would be like playing with a finger or two missing. Maybe even minus a limb some days.

Thanks for an incredible tool!!!

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad Scrivener is working out well for you. You may find the next free update even more useful for lyric writing, as it has a line count feature:

Thanks again and all the best,

Woop woop ageing goth alert!

(Takes one to know one…)

BLOUNT & JOHNSTON a pair of old Goths. Jeeezz! Doesn`t bear thinking about!! :open_mouth:

Hey, I’m not 35 until Monday, I’ll have you know. And I have a high forehead, that’s all. Thirties is still young. I am not middle-aged yet; these white flecks at my temples are merely distinguishing. These are my inbetween days… Yes, I bloody LOVE The Cure. when I was 17 (yes, 18 years ago, ouch), I had a too-short mohair jumper just like Robert Smith’s. Sadly, I also had blond hair which was not exactly goth. Oh well.


P.S. Did I mention it’s my birthday on Monday? I’ve been doing a day-by-day countdown with my class at school and still only two of them bothered buying me a bloody present (i.e. two of them are getting good marks this year). i wouldn’t mind but two of my friends went around telling my class that I was turning 40… Grr.

Cool! And nice lyric choice!
I love line numbering…probably due to programming code :wink:
I do find the centering feature goes awry sometimes, but it is probably user error (mine).

You probably just need to get rid of the first line indent in the ruler that Scrivener has by default (and you can change it for new documents using the preferences) and make sure there are no tabs at the beginning of your lines, too.

I found mixed formatting in there. I will cut from one doc, and paste to the current one, and I must have grabbed some formatting stuff from doing that, and mixed it in somehow. I left justified, and found “invisible tabbed” indents, and I had to delete back to the next previous word/letter to eliminate it.

I am so new to all this… I used Open Office for doing book editing for publishers over the years, but as an editor for technical content, I simply had no need to know how to use the deeper feature sets of a word processor. Heck, I did not need to use some of the shallower ones! LOL!

Thanks again! I am going back to writing now. I cannot believe I am saying that, as I never thought I would enjoy writing. LOVED reading all my life (since age 3). Never presumptuous enough to think I had any talent for writing.