Says "No Surnames Selected"

The name generator goes on strike if I don’t select Polish or dictionary surnames, even though I’ve selected, for example, London surnames. Why is that?

Hmm, I cannot reproduce this. Can you please list all of the settings you are using in the Name Generator so that I can copy them?

It’s not happening today. I made all the same selections, but now it is working. I’ve restarted Scriv since the last failure. I’ll let you know if it fails again.

I have a general question:

The name lists include, for example:

Italian Names (Female)
Italian Names (Male)
Italian Surnames

Should that read “Italian Forenames (Female)” and “Italian Forenames (Male)”?

I’m guessing you don’t write “Forenames” because there isn’t enough space, but that is very confusing. As written, it seems that choosing “Italian Names” would be all you need.

Also, didn’t V2 on Windows have many more nationality options?

More info on this.

Today I didn’t check any of the name lists, and it was still able to generate names without error messages.

I also discovered something that may cause confusion: Today I got a result like this:

I finally figured out that the surname field had only a space in it. I suggest that you trim out spaces to avoid that.

With all of the name lists unchecked, I quit Scriv. I restarted it, opened the name dialog, and some of the name lists were checked. I unchecked them, tried to generate names, and got an error message.

I’m having this problem again, perhaps I don’t understand how this is supposed to work. I’ve checked the two options (Forenames Male and Popular US Names Male) shown and only those two options.

I get the error message:

I figured that Popular US Names means forenames and surnames. Is that wrong?

Here’s a solution to this:

In the “Name lists to include” box, change every instance of the word “Names” to “Forenames.” The dialog refers to the terms Forename, Surname, and Name, and the last will often be assumed to mean “Full name.” The title of the dialog is “Name Generator,” and in that instance it means full name.

If I want to generate a US name, I check only Popular US Names (Male) and click Generate. That fails.