Sb2: Export Draft RTF Line Spacing

Hello - using the Tutorial and Sb2, I tried doing Export Draft to RTF using the default settings, and then opening the RTF in Mellel to check it. A funny thing happened which I do not understand - the line spacing in the file as viewed in Mellel was inconsistent.

If you look at the original Tutorial.scriv text, the line spacing is consistent (or looks like it to me) but when you go through the export process, something seems to happen so that the points between lines are varied. Some sections have tight vertical spacing, looks like single or less, and others have more of a double-spaced look.

I am not sure what is causing this phenomenon, or if it is a bug even.

If you have time, it might be worth a look. Or, I might just be completely misunderstanding how this is supposed to work. Either way, when you have a moment, please advise. Thank you very much.

It might be that Mellel does not correctly translate line spacing types. I noticed a slight difference between steps 1-5 and six, in Scrivener. So I checked with the ruler, and the first five steps use 6 point spacing between lines. The sixth step uses a 1.5x multiplier. Evidently, Mellel understands multipliers, but not point sized spacing.

Ah, precision. Thanks AmberV. I will take a look at that in more detail…

That is no doubt what it is. The tutorial has parts that were copied and edited from Scrivener Gold, where I used a .6 gap between lines, and some parts were created in Scrivener, which defaults to 1.5 x spacing - this is almost certainly the issue here. So it should not be a problem with your own documents.