Sb2 : Feature : medium : Cmd-N in E.S.-1/2/3

When a group is selected, and E.S. modes 1-3 are utilised, the new Cmd-N to add a new document feature does not work as described. The new document will be placed after the selected group, not the current document that the cursor is in.

When selecting documents manually, and using E.S. mode 4, it works as expected. “Untitled” gets inserted right after the currently focused document.

Ugh. Weird. Will fix for beta 3… :cry:

Just to confirm: This only happens when the cursor is inside the actual group document.

Ah, good catch. I could have sworn that I tried it a number of ways, but I must not have. I guess this is a non-issue then, as putting the new document after the selected group could be expected. Though perhaps a stronger intuition would be to make the new document the first child.

That is exactly what I have just done for beta 3. The current behaviour remains unless the document with the focus has descendants that are included in the E.S. session. In that case, the new document will be added as the first child, which retains the expected order.