Sb2 : Feature : medium : Remote page non-functional

I do not recall seeing anything about it in the changes list, but I noticed that there are menu entries for paging up and down in the other split. I cannot get them to actually enable. They remain greyed out in the menu no matter what. Did these two items get added before the features, is it broken, or am I doing something wrong?

Oops. This feature got dropped to the “future possibilities list” because it was just too hard to implement. There is no simple “scroll” function that will emulate a mouse scroll - I would have to check for every single possible view (remember that there are about ten different scroll views that can be visible in a document view - the outliner’s scroll view, the corkboard’s, the text view’s etc). I played around with it but then obviously forgot to remove these items from the menu when I dropped it.

Ah. What a tease!