Sb2 : Feature : minor : Annotation padding removal

Previously, annotations with padding space within the annotation, would get that stripped out upon export. This no longer works.

Huh. Weird. Added to the list to look into for beta 3. Dunno what happened here, though I did make several changes to exporting and pasting

You know, I’m not seeing this. It works as before. Padding gets stripped if the annotation is exported as a comment (which can only be opened in Word), but not if it is exported inline (with square brackets) - this is the same as with beta 1… Is there some change that I have missed?

That said, I’ve just updated the code so that whitespace around an annotation gets removed for inline exports/pastes too. :slight_smile:

Weird, it seemed to have been stripping it from inline before? I’ve never been able to test the comment output, since I do not have Word. Well, thanks for the fix ForTheRestOfUs!