Sb2 : Feature : minor : Carriage return not deleted w/ title

To test the foresight of the new “Set selection as title” feature, I selected an entire document and pressed Cmd-Opt-Shift T. It took a half second to process that request, and then rightly set the title to the contents of the first line alone. But, it did keep the carriage return. Triple-clicking to select the line and pasting into a text field confirms this.

While I doubt many people are going to try to set the title of their document as being the entire document itself (!), this could become a problem if people are used to triple-clicking a line to select it. Since potential titles are usually on their own line…

Added to the list. You know, next time I really am not going to look at this forum until a day after posting the beta. I very much appreciate your thoroughness, but boy is it depressing to get such a long list of stuff to do straight after releasing a beta. :slight_smile:

I am such a meany! Really though, superb update. As I was going through the list, I kept finding myself saying, “Wonderful!”

Hope it’s sufficiently long since the last beta to suggest this tweak :slight_smile:.
Devonthink seems to have a useful approach to the carriage returns in titles issue. When you use “Set as Title” it replaces the returns in the selection with spaces before creating the title. This is quite useful for concatenating Titles with Subtitles or bylines.
Thus, selecting
My Brilliant Novel
by Keith

My Brilliant Novel by Keith
as the new title of the document.

So retaining multiple lines of text becomes a feature, not a bug. Not terribly pressing – but a nice touch nonetheless.