SB2: Keyword handling bug?

Open they keyword HUD

Enter a keyword in the inspector panel.

They keyword appears in the HUD. Fair enough

Now change the keyword in the inspector panel.

A new keyword is added to the HUD.

I would have expected the existing HUD keyword to change to match the inspector.


No, this is intentional. The changing of keywords is one-directional. That is, if you change a keyword in the HUD, it will ask you if you want to update that keyword throughout the project. If you change it in the inspector, however, it will only affect that keyword and therefore if it doesn’t already exist will be added to the central list in the HUD.

Thus, if you want to rename a particular keyword throughout the project, use the HUD. The idea is that changes to a single document should not affect other documents - only changes to the central store should make global changes.

This is something that needs elaboration in the documentation when the time comes, obviously.

Hope that makes sense,

Embarrassingly enough, it makes perfect sense.