SB2: Tutorial Minor Bug: ThisisBuzzAldrin

Hi Keith,

I could not get the Tutorial file: ThisisBuzzAldrin to open (well it opened, but it had no content).

At the bottom (if you have the footer turned on), what does the Duration read as? Mine says 2 seconds, and it plays fine.

Hi AmberV,

I tried importing another Quicktime (7.1.3) movie and there were no problems at all. The function works - I suspect I may have got some specific Buzz Aldrin file anomaly with B2 looking at S Gold’s resources - or something wierd like that.

I was just thinking that if others see this problem it might just be a single file that could be attended to in the next version. No big deal and not a bug in the application itself. That’s a relief.

Again, no problems with importing media into the Research function.

What AmberV is saying is that, as it says in the tutorial, the BuzzAldrin file is a sound file, not a video file, so it will be blank. Are you saying that if you press “play” nothing happens?

Right Keith,

AmberV was right. I had the sound on - but obviously not above my hearing threshold.

Mea Culpa!

Cross that one off the list - not a problem.