Sb2 : UI : medium : Left split resets

Revealing the Inspector resets the left split, in a vertical arrangement, to its default size. Incidentally, I always wondered why the default split size was something closer to the Golden Ratio than 50/50.[/i]

I am going to swear really loudly now. *&^@£#!!! You have NO idea how much grief these split views have caused me. They are just IMPOSSIBLE. Thank you so much, Apple, for not updating them in ten years so that they are a programmer’s nightmare.

Anyway… Yeah, I’ll look into it. Actually, though, my only problem is that when you do this there is a minor redrawing bug in the splitter. As for the size of the left split getting resized, I have to say: and? :slight_smile: If you show other elements, things will get resized, naturally. There is no way for Scrivener to know what ratio you want. Given the grief that these split views have caused me, there is no way I’m going to start playing around with ratios at this time.

Oh, and did you mean "why the default split size was not something close to the Gold Ration of 50/50? I thought it WAS pretty much 50/50 when you split a document?

And did I mention how much grief these split views have caused me?

Considering how much grief they cause, you have definitely done an excellent job in harnessing them. I bet you are doing more with splits than most applications ever aspire to.

By the Golden Ratio, I mean roughly 2/3s on one side, and 1/3 on the other. I think the Euclid’s actual ratio is 1.618033… Here is a screenshot of a brand new project. The first thing I did was press Cmd-Opt-Shift-U.

It really is not that big of a deal. Once you do get the split arranged the way you like it, it stays where you put it – barring this bug and perhaps a few other scenarios. Plus, the Golden Ratio is cool. Scrivener’s spits have occult mathematical energies!

Heh heh. Well, I have changed it now so that splits are created with a 50/50 ratio. This does mean that if you adjust your split, get rid of it and then reshow it again, the ration will be back to 50/50, though.

I see you have set your binder to the same colour as the source list in iTunes. :slight_smile: I had mine like that for a while too (but lost it during testing, for now).

Funny, I nearly always typo ratio to ration, too. I also type radion a lot. It must have something to do with the common -tion suffix in English.

Yeah, I tried a light grey for a while, but I like the light blue. It reminds me of those dirt cheap notebooks you can buy and lose without feeling bad – for some reason. I used the same colour in the Ulysses paragraph enumeration area. And I was doing it before iTunes damn it! :slight_smile:

Update, it appears the whole Golden Ratio thing only happens the first time you make a split. If you press the split button thrice, it comes up 50/50 the second time. Weird.