Sb2 : UI : minor : Binder width gets forgotten

So far, I have found two conditions where the Binder width preference gets lost.

  1. When using the new (Cmd-Opt-Shift W) ability to reduce window clutter. Upon interface restoration, the Binder returns to the default width.

  2. After reproducing the above bug, pressing the green “Zoom” button twice will reset the Binder width.

I find that Cmd-Opt-Shift W hides the binder column and the Inspector column, as expected, but also shrinks the document column width significantly (while extending it to the full height of the monitor).

Hitting Cmd-Opt-Shift W again restores the three columns but as Amber says, the binder is returned at default width, and so is the Inspector. The height remains at the full height of the monitor, and the document column width remains a little less than default width.

This is all expected behaviour, sorry.

When making the editor the only thing visible, the width is determined by the default width you set in Preferences.

Once you do this, settings get lost. When you re-expand, custom widths are used. It doesn’t even try to remember how things looked before, nor will it - things work differently to Mori.

“Expanding” the document view effectively just turns it into a kind of “Text Edit” view. “Shrinking” it reveals both the binder and the inspector. So this isn’t a bug, though you may not like the behaviour.

Can you tell I’m just at the end of a long list of bug reports late on a Sunday night? :slight_smile: