Sb2 : UI : minor : Difficult to reproduce label setting bug

Actually, it happens to me with fair regularity, but I have not pinned down exactly what causes it. It seems that once it happens, it doesn’t ever happen again until Scrivener restarts, but I could be wrong on that.

The times I have noted the bug do definitely follow this pattern:

  1. In Project Settings, edit the text of the label
  2. Without confirming, double-click straight on the colour chip
  3. When the bug hits, the colour will be reset to black

That isn’t to say the above directions are necessary, but it is the pattern that I have noticed. It also seems to happen in new projects, and I’ve only ever had it happen to the default labels. Again, just an observation. Sorry this is so vague!

Odd. I can think of why this might happen to a file that was upgraded from SG, but not in a recent project. If you track this down, please let me know, as I am unable to reproduce it. Thanks.

This seems to extend beyond setting label colours in the Project Settings. I just had it happen immediately after opening a project, when I attempted to change the colour of an annotation. I pressed Cmd-Shift-C, and the colour came up black, setting the annotation likewise.

I believe this is the first time I’ve seen that happen. Hopefully this helps narrow it down, as it seems to be a global colour selection thing, not just related to labels. I still have no sure way of reproducing it. It seems quite random, other than an increased frequency shortly after loading Scrivener.

Another characteristic is that it changes the current setting as soon as the palette opens. Normally, this does not happen. If the palette opens with another colour chosen, it waits until you input something to change the setting.

This bug can be closed. I just reproduced it in another Cocoa application. Chalk it up to Apple.