Sb2 : UI : minor : E.S. background colour chops up

I found that under some conditions the alternate background colour in Edit Scrivenings would leave gaps when scrolling with either the mouse wheel or dragging the scrollbar. If you default background is white, you would see bands of horizontal white of varying heights running through the text. This only happens for some documents, though.

I think that I have narrowed this down to what is causing it. If I reset the ruler spacing for the entire document, the problem goes away. So, it would seem that when spacing changes in the document, it can cause these bands to show up (though not when using page up and down, or the arrow keys).

Do the gaps go away when you stop scrolling?

This is weird, because I thought I’d fixed this bug for beta 2. The alternative scrivenings are coloured in as one big rectangular block each, not as lots of little rectanges (which is what used to happen), so this doesn’t make much sense.

Possibly a relic of the Apple bug, but very annoying. If you can narrow it down any further, let me know, as I have yet to reproduce it.


Oops, I take that back - I tried a different line height multiple and got this bug straight away. Weird.

Okay, hopefully this should be better for beta 3 (I hesitate to use the word “fixed”). I have added a 20-pixel buffer to the redraw, so that not only does the visible area get redrawn now but also 20 pixesl around it. It seems that during a fast scroll, sometimes not everything gets redrawn properly. This is almost certainly an Apple bug that I am working around here. I have just done something similar for the whole text view redrawing, too, in the hopes that it will fix dagaz’s bug. I doubt any of these bugs will be fixed entirely satisfactorily until Apple sort it out, though. (I believe they have fixed it internally, but I’m guessing it won’t make it into a release until Leopard - I’m surprised they didn’t release it in an OS X update ASAP, though.)

Lovely Apple bugs! They are too busy making exciting new features to convince everyone that spending a fortune every other year is acceptable. :slight_smile: