Sb2: UI: Minor: fullscreen selection slow

I love that dragging the i-bar to the top or bottom of the screen during selection now lets you extend that selection by scrolling up or down – hurray! However, it’s several orders of magnitude slower than in non-fullscreen mode. Is this an unavoidable consequence of how the screen is redrawn in fullscreen mode, or a bug?

Scrolling gets faster depending on how far you can drag the mouse past the edge of the text view. Given that the text view is inset only ten pixels from the to and bottom of the screen, scrolling will indeed be slower. A 20-pixel inset would speed it up to roughly normal, but then the text view seems to float in the middle of the screen in a rather ugly manner. It’s a matter of balance. I’ll take a look, but I don’t think this will change because of the way it looks.

Ah, of course. Can you accelerate this by a predetermined factor just for full-screen mode, or is it baked into Cocoa?

Pre-baked, I’m afraid. :frowning: