SB3 Bug:Medium: Outline columns disappearing and propagating

While playing with the […] outline column selector, I removed the Title and Synopsis columns and couldn’t get them back properly. I kept trying to reshow synopsis until I scrolled horizontally and saw it had indeed returned several times- out of view to the right. Now I have umpteen synopsis columns, several “Label” columns and no “Title” column because every time i click “Title” it remains unchecked and adds another synopsis! Meanwhile, trying to uncheck “synopsis” does nothing. Quite a mess.

After trying abit more I’m guessing that the Names in the list are mapped to the wrong columns for some reason.

Hope this gibberish makes sense.

Only bug so far In another wise very good B3 experience.

I’m on Intel Imac 24" with 2 gigs or ram.

Cheers, Eiron

This may be my fault: not realizing that there was a “Type” column, I dumbly renamed “Label” to “Type” because my labels refer to document type for the moment. This seems to have confused the hell out of the Outline Column Menu. Unfortunately renaming it to “Label” doesn’t seem to help. I still can’t get rid of the extra columns.

Later: Chucking the prefs file fixed the problem.



Hi Eiron, Maria beat you to this one and reported it yesterday. :slight_smile: This was a mistake on my part, caused when I changed the default order of columns. This is fixed for the next beta.

Damn. Was hoping to be useful for a change.
Glad Maria-Sensei caught it.

What is it there, O-dark-thirty? Isn’t tomorrow a school day? Haven’t you worked hard enough? Go to bed man.