SB3 - Characters moving during text selection

Running on: iBook G4, OS10.4.7


In editor mode, using Optima 12pt, only at 90% or 110%.
(not at any other %-size)

When clicking and dragging the cursor to select a block of text, some characters move back and forth by a pixel as the cursor is dragged. Only a few characters are affected, and not every line is affected. Deselecting and reselecting the same block affects the same character(s) each time.

The affect only occurs if the cursor moves laterally while the selection is being made. If, during selection, the cursor is pushed into one of the margins, or otherwise held completely still as far as lateral movement is concerned, nothing happens.

A character is only affected when the cursor moving in to, or out of, on its line - depending on whether the cursor is being dragged up or down the page.

The effect is rather sweet…to begin with! :wink:

Regards, Leigh

Sounds like a scaling problem. There are other scaling problems associated with 90% and 110%, such as white lines appearing through your text, all of which had to do with the way I was trying to keep the margins the same size (don’t ask). Anyway, I have made some changes for beta 4, so see if that fixes this when it is released - I can’t reproduce it at the moment, at least.
Thanks for posting,