Sb3 : I/O : high : Imported MMD hierarchy glitches.

This one is kind of weird to explain, so I have uploaded an MMD file which, when imported into Scrivener, will demonstrate the two bugs I found.

Hierarchy Demonstration

Oh, and you are going to avoid this bug board for 24 hours, right? Avoid depression, because this release is swank. :slight_smile:

Thanks… Yes, that looks like it will mess things up. The MMD import was implemented in a couple of hours this evening, and I knew it would need some refining.

I imported my friends dissertation (138 pages) and overally it did a pretty good job.

It looks like there is a problem when you move up a level in the hierarchy, without going all the way back to the top. It looks like this was part of the problem AmberV submitted, and it happened to me in a file with lots of stuff in every section.

I would suggest that all information leading up to the first header be imported into a top level document, perhaps called “Untitled” or whatever.

Any MMD metadata should be included in this, so that it is not lost. We discussed the reasons for not importing the metadata into the binder’s MMD settings, but the information should at least show up in the text file.

But all in all, I was impressed with the minimal amount of work I had to do to import a really long MMD document!!!

(BTW, when exported to LaTeX from Scrivener, the resulting tex compiled perfectly to an exact copy of what I had before!)