Sb3 : UI : minor : a/fNote display fault related to width

Both annotations and footnotes have some sort of strange display fault that crops up when the width of the text area is too small. Basically, it will appear as though the footnote/annotation were actually two right next to each other.

To reproduce this, you may need to tweak your settings a bit. It only happens for long *notes of at least 250 words. The entire text of the paragraph needs to be selected. For some reason, if the first letter of the paragraph is left out, the bug does not appear. Secondly, you might need to increase the margin width for the text editor. Mine is set to 42, and it appears that the fault happens 42 pixels away from the minimum window width. Likewise, if I set the margin to 80, it will show up 80 pixels before I reach the minimum window width. A noticed that small margin widths seem to make this error impossible to see.

Here is a screenshot:

This is a single annotation. If I increase the size of the window so that it is marginWidth pixels beyond the minimum window width, then this divider will disappear. I’ve reproduced this in multiple projects, but if you have difficulty, let me know and I’ll send a project file that causes it.

Hi AmberV, I can’t recreate this. Could you please give me more info? What do “42 pixels away from the minimum window width”? This sort of bug is worrying, because there are two possibilities: 1) I am making a mistake somewhere, which is fine and I can fix it (and is hopefully the case), or 2) there is a problem in Apple’s code when returning the line rectangles (which are what are used for drawing those bubbles), which is more problematic and not fixable by me.

In all likelihood, it’s 1), but I want to track it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any more help you can give me in recreating this one,

In other words, if the minimum text area width is 400, then the box willl appear fine as long as the text area width is greater than 442 (assuming a margin width of 42). As long as it is anywhere between 400 and 442, the bug will display.

Hmm, I still can’t recreate this one…

Okay, I’ll send the project file and the prefs.