Sb3 : UI : minor : Index card scroll-bars

In Corkboard, when the card size is set to a small enough size: If you double-click on an index card that has more content than can be viewed at once, a scroll-bar container will appear, without the actual scroll-bar or arrows in it. It is non-functional. If this doesn’t make sense, or you cannot reproduce it, I can post a screen shot. The settings that caused it are a 500 width editor area, with cards set to 3 across.

I understand this is probably a Cocoa bug, but as solution perhaps the scroll bar could just be disabled when the card size is too small?

This is a “bug” with the AppKit, not with Scrivener - although I actually don’t really think it is a bug at all. What happens is that when any view with a scroll view is squashed to small, the scroller is displayed but there is no room to draw the knob, so the Appkit chooses not to display it at all (though you can still use the arrows). So this is not a bug so much as the standard behaviour for very small views that can show a scroller.