Sb3 : UI : minor : Zoom changes all open projects

When using the Zoom function, all open projects will have their size altered to fit the preferred width specification, not just the active project. This does not happen when using Zoom to Fit Screen.

I can’t recreate this. Moreover, Scrivener does nothing with the “Zoom” button - this comes by default with any Cocoa project and I’ve never changed anything about it. It should just do exactly what clicking on the green “zoom” button would do. I really can’t recreate this one… Weird.

Sorry, clarification: I was using the shortcut Cmd-Opt-=, from the Window menu – not the green Zoom button.

I wasn’t using the green zoom button, either - but I was using the menu item directly. Interestingly, this only happens if you use the shortcut, not if you click on the menu item. Weird. I’ll look into it.

Huh… Interesting. It seems that clicking on the green “zoom” button with the Alt key held down causes all windows to zoom - I didn’t realise this. Thus, if you hold Alt down at the same time as the key combination for “zoom”, it will zoom all - and hence, the key combination for “zoom” should not have the alt key modifier. I’ll change this - thanks.