Sb4 - copy-and-paste to Entourage - underlines go haywire

I think the Subject: line says it all. Copy a whole chunk of text complete with underlines, italics etc. Paste into Entourage. The underlines are offset from the text they’re meant to be underlining. NOTE this problem doesn’t arise if you copy-and-paste into Word, Mellel, VoodooPad, DevonThink, Yojimbo, Omni Outliner Pro, etc. Seems confined to Entourage.

I’ll email a screen grab to you, Keith, to show exactly what I mean.

Hmm, unfortunately, I don’t have Entourage, so I can’t test this. Is this limited to Entourage? Do any ohter programs have this problem with Entourage, or is it only Scrivener?

On a whim I tried pasting in a few Carbon applications (since I don’t have Entourage, either) to see if that was the culprit – since the others in that list are all Cocoa. No luck though. I’d be shocked if Microsoft is using the stock Carbon text widget anyway; it probably isn’t even remotely related to what Word uses to display text.

I’m an Entourage user and can’t reproduce this glitch. I copied passages with italics and underlines from Scrivener to Entourage (after clicking the HTML display button), and the passages copy in the same font, size, and display type.

In Entourage preferences, I have checked “Use smart cut and paste” and that may make the difference.

Michael, just to make sure: does this problem not happen if you copy into entourage FROM a different cocoa text app, like textedit?

Hello Michael,

Sorry you are experiencing problems. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this. I copied the passage you sent me, using the same font (Times New Roman 12), and then copied and pasted it into Entourage without any problems.

However, I will go out on a limb here and say that this is much more likely to be an Entourage problem than a Scrivener one. Scrivener just places text on the pasteboard in exactly the same way as every other app - it puts up the RTF and RTFD data for the text. Scrivener does have a couple of custom routines for handling annotations and footnotes, but nothing that should cause this problem.

Meanwhile, Entourage - and, in fact, all MS apps - uses its own text engine. That is, it doesn’t use the same way of getting text in and out as native OS X (Cocoa) applications. The fact that you could paste fine into other applications means that the text was placed on the pasteboard correctly. Mellel reads RTFD data from the pasteboard, so that means the RTFD data was placed on the pasteboard correctly; Word reads RTF data, so that means that the RTF data was placed on there correctly. Thus it seems that this must be a problem with the reading of the text on the pasteboard, and that problem would lie with Entourage, as that is the program doing the reading, not Scrivener.

Thanks and all the best,