Sb4: Draft export, space between sections

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When I export a draft to rtf, I mostly don’t want any extra space between the small chunks of text that are represented in the Binder as siblings. For example, I have a Chapter 1, several Sections within the chapter, and within the first section, 5 “documents” that comprise the text chunks of that section, all on the same level of the Binder hierarchy, i.e., siblings.
In the Export Draft Sheet, click Text Options to show the Sections panel with three choices: Double newlines, Single newlines, and Scene breaks.

To get no extra lines between sections, or documents, I tried Single newline and Scene breaks (without any character for the break). Single newline gives, no surprise, a single blank line between sections. Scene breaks with the break character removed nonetheless gives a line between sections with a break character in the line.

Is there any way to prevent Scrivener’s export from putting blank lines between consecutive sections of the export?

I couldn’t find an answer to this question elsewhere in the forum.

iBook G4
Mac OS 10.4.8
Scrivener b4.1

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John Robert

Hmm… You mean you want the text between sections to run into one another? If that was the case, Scrivener would have to put a space between each chunk, but really, Scrivener expects that each of your sections is at least a paragraph.

Just to clarify the text options, though:

Double newlines - inserts two newline characters, so that you will get ONE blank line between the two sections.
Single newlines - inserts one newline character (the same as hitting return once), so that the sections will appear as different paragraphs with no blank lines between them.
Scene breaks - inserts a newline, then the character you specify, then a nother newline. So with no character, you will get two newlines and therefore one blank line between the two sections.

If single newline is really what you wanted but just didn’t appear as you desired, check the Formatting tab. By default, export attributes will override the formatting of the actual documents, and this export formatting, by default, has double line-spacing, which makes a break between paragraphs appear as a single blank line. It may just be that you need to change the text formatting here.

If you actually want your text sections to act like sentences that run on from one another, then sorry, you can’t do that.

Just to clarify, this is how the breaks between sections would look if you didn’t have any line spacing or head indents set up in the Formatting tab:

Double newlines:

Single newlines:

Scene breaks:

What you CAN’T do is this:

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Thanks for the quick and detailed reply.

I just discovered that my problem was something very simple: I have an extra carriage return at the end of each section in the text itself! :blush:

So single newline is what I want, not text blocks running together.

KB wrote:

Even when I removed the character from the Scene breaks field, I still got a character. I think it was the default # character. FWIW, I was importing into Word 98 (classic) and NeoOffice.

KB wrote:

Does this mean that the export Draft code automatically creates double spacing for the text, unless you force it to preserve formatting? Or, are you still talking about the line spacing between text sections?

I think you are talking about line spacing within the text blocks, and that the default line spacing within the Formatting tab is double spacing.

I like this application!

John Robert

Export Draft, by default, will apply double-line spacing to everything, in a Courier font with first line head indents. This is set in the Formatting tab. You don’t have to select “preserve formatting” for every document if you don’t want this behaviour, though - that is just for individual documents that have special formatting you want to retain. If you want the export to keep the formatting of all documents, just uncheck “Override text formatting…” in the Formatting tab.

Oops, yes, you’re right, sorry. If you set no character, it will use the default # one.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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