Sb4 : Feature : Annot. search in Edit Scrivenings

All you need to reproduce it is an annotation somewhere in the draft (as a control). Select a range of documents and E.S. them. Now position the cursor in any but the first Scrivening. Cmd-Ctrl-A and press either the Previous or Next button. The search should soft hang. The application is fine, but the search will do nothing and the spinner will perpetually spin. Close the search. Select a single document anywhere in the Draft, and search again. The spinner will still be active, but if you press either button it will work (presuming there is an annotation in that direction), and the spinner will function normally thereafter.

So it seems that it has problems searching when the cursor is anywhere but in the first Scrivening. Searching from the top-most Scrivening works just fine.

Thanks - the bug occurs in the Highlight finder, too (because they use much the same code). Basically, it was trying to start the search in the text from the selected range - which could be beyond the end of the “actual” document in an Edit Scrivenings session. Fixed for beta 5 (a nice easy extra one-line check).