Sb4 : UI : minor : Cmd-Ctrl-Up/Down closes parent

I accidentally used Cmd-Ctrl-UpArrow to switch siblings, forgetting that it was just Ctrl, and noticed that when you have the Command key held down, it collapses an expanded parent that you just jumped to.

Hmm, how is this a bug, given that you were using the wrong keyboard command? :slight_smile: Cmd-ctrl already has built-in behaviour with OS X - it does the same in Mori, DT, etc. Ctrl-up/down works as expected, so this was surely a user error rather than a bug.
All the best,

Oh okay, I just did not know if that was normal or not. It had less to do with what I meant to do, and more to do with what I thought might be an unintended behaviour. If it is normal, then so be it!

Heheh, I never realised it did that, either. :slight_smile: But checking in other Cocoa apps with outline views, it seems that it is just built-in behaviour.