Sb5 : UI : minor : Ctrl-Up/Down skips doc. groups

This might be intentional behaviour, but it struck me as inconsistent. The Ctrl-Up/Down arrow keys, when the selection is located inside of a document group, jump out to the nearest folder, instead of the document group. Example:

+ Draft + Group 1 * Document + Document Group * Document * [ Document ] <- Selection * Document

After pressing Ctrl-Up:

+ Draft + [ Group 1 ] <- Selection * Document + Document Group * Document * Document * Document

Where the expected behaviour (at least for me), would end up with the containing Document Group selected.

Have you got your navigation Preferences set up so that document groups are treated like folders? If so, then ctrl-up/down should jump to document groups as you expect (and hence, if you have this set, this would indeed be a bug); if not, then document groups are skipped by this action.

Let me know!


Well I thought I did, but I must have turned it off to check something and forgotten to turn it back on. That is all it was!