SC2: Edit content included in Screenplay?


I just upgraded to Scrivener 2.0 and can’t use it because I can’t find the “edit content included in screenplay” - I used that option a lot.

I included directing notes, acting notes and writing notes under each scene/group of scene - except their “include in screenplay” box was unchecked. So I kept each scene’s notes linked to the scene, but I edited the screenplay without them - just the scenes.

Now, even without the “included in compile” box, it’s always included in scrivenings view. Is there an equivalent of “Edit content included in Screenplay” ?


I use Scrivener exactly the same way. “Include in Draft” checkbox to instantly filter which files are included in the Scrivenings editor. I keep my notes and ideas unchecked and the body text checked and can easily flip between them or edit them all at once.

This feature and the typewriter scrolling in full screen mode are the major reasons I love Scrivener.

The reason I wanted to upgrade was for Snow Leopard support (text editing bogged down horribly in Snow Leopard). Now it seems I have to choose between my Magic Trackpad (requires Snow Leopard) and slow typing on Scrivener 1.x.

P.S. I couldn’t figure out a way to get Collections to work so slickly as the “Include in Draft” Scrivenings feature. Maybe someone can explain how…???

This feature has indeed bitten the dust, in favour of a more integrated workflow. However, there is still a way of doing this:

Set up a search collection that searches on something common to your scene documents (you could use a label or keyword for this), with the search options set up only to search in the Draft folder and only for “included” files. (For instance, you could set up a label or status that is “Scene” and set it to the default for new documents, and search on this.)

You can then just switch to your collection and click on its header bar to load all of your scenes into scrivenings mode without any of the other associated notes.

All the best,

Thanks for your attention, KB.

I have tried your suggestion and it doesn’t fit my workflow because: (1) I can’t limit these saved searches to the current container selected in the binder meaning it presents far too much of my novel at once to be of much use, and (2) it’s far too clunky and slows down my thought process. (Command-Option-1/2/3 was an unbelievably brilliant feature, probably the best thing about Scrivener).

I have tried moving my notes to the Document Notes section because the Notes seem improved and movement between panes with Control-Tab is a good addition, (I guess that is where you are encouraging us to store these notes), but it ruins my Full Screen experience and is difficult to fit side by side on a small notebook screen meaning I have to work at my desk with a large monitor.

I just don’t like having my notes in front of me when I write. I like to refer to them with a simple keystroke and then flip back again. I divided my novel into chapter folders, stored links to my characters, scenes, objects, etc in the related note document and then each sub-chapter scene had its own document – so uncluttered and beautiful to work in. Command-click on a character and you have a new window with your character notes. It was absolute heaven working this way.

Anyway, I haven’t upgraded and will give the demo a try for a few days but I really don’t see myself being any more productive in Scrivener 2.0 than any other program with a full screen view.

The only thing I truly disliked (small caps :wink: about Scrivener 1.x was how slowly it typed in Snow Leopard. I would gladly pay for the upgrade just to see a Scrivener 1.6 that supports Snow Leopard text editing. As it stands now I’ll probably soldier on with Leopard on my laptop until it croaks.

(I’m the kind of guy who still uses More 3.1 under OS 7 in Sheepshaver emulation because I have a thousand pages of cross-linked notes in that outliner and it hasn’t slowed down yet!)

And one more thing.

The more I think about it, the more I think I could get Document Notes to work (it really does seem improved), but I’ll have to restructure my entire document to give it a try and hopefully I can find the time and energy to do that in the next 29 days and counting!

I’ll do that to give Scrivener 2.0 a fair shake.

The problem I see is that I spend a large percentage of my time working on my notes, etc, so having them in an awkward popup pane is, well, a pain…