Scalable corkboard cards

Hi. I’m not sure if this feature has already been proposed. By searching in the forum I didn’t find anything similar. Subject is clear. What about scalable cards?

I’m starting using Scrivener as a) a brainstorming support; and b) a research journal for my thesis. Sometimes I cannot say what idea goes first, there’re things I need to develop further, others are simply thoughts which still have to be connected. I think it could be useful to express those things through corkboard’s cards sizes. Maybe I’m misusing the corkboard (it’s my second week using the trial), but I think it’s a creativity booster which could be even more if it were possible to graphically arrange information in clear but more open ways. Outliner could still remain as a sorting tool.

That’s it. Sorry if something similar has been posted already or if I’m introducing ideas which come from a wrong/starter vision. Thanks KB for this utility, as far as I’ve seen it is really helpful.

If by scaling you mean card A is huge and card B is small, then I don’t believe there are any plans for that at all. If all you want to do is make all cards bigger or smaller, though, you can do that by right-clicking on the Corkboard and selecting how many cards should be in each row. The fewer the cards, the bigger they will be.