scaled image and print

when I print a text with an image, the image is not scaled as I set it on screen, but cut.
But if I export it (rtfd), what I obtain now is a good scaled image.
So I must import that rtfd into Scrivener (or TextEdit) to print exactly what I wanted…

not any idea ?
G5 & MacBookPro (10.4.8/b5 )

Sorry, I cannot reproduce this. Could you please give more details?

Sorry, so sorry!
when I tried to print my text and its scaled picture, I did not see that the scaling exceeded the right tab…
It’s so difficult to find a flaw into this incredible Scrivener that sometimes I feel myself obliged to invent one (not a Scrivener but a flaw…)

Phew! Thanks for taking the time to say that it is not a bug after all.