Scaling doesn't work on secondary monitor. Using

When Scrivener is launched on my primary display, 2736x1824, @ 200% scale, it seems to scale perfectly. But when I move it to my secondary display, 3840x2160 @ 125% scale (where I intend to use it), Scrivener seems to ignore the display settings and go for 100% scale. This makes it a bit too tiny.

If I launch Scrivener on my secondary display, it still shows at 100% scale.

Any word on when this thing ships? I’m hesitant to get out my wallet since I see these Scrivener 3 beta go back a few years. I assume that Scrivener Mac & Windows aren’t using a cross-platform toolkit like Qt, GTK, or other. Is this the hold up?

Scrivener for Windows and Mac do not share the same code base. Scrivener for Windows uses Qt. The current Qt version has issues with monitor sizes different from 100%, 200%, 300% etc. and always rounds to the nearest. The new major Qt update has addressed these issues(after ~4 years), but introduced new ones, so we still have not jumped to the new version. At least we see Qt moving in the right direction, so this will improve in Scrivener too within the next few months.

I’m surprised, learning that the Windows app is based on Qt, that the Linux version has been abandoned. I mean, not a big deal to me…

I am concerned, as I am shopping for a new device and I have no idea what scale factor will be comfortable for me to use. How long will this be an issue?