Scaling for Fullscreen Background Image

One of my favorite new features is the fullscreen backdrop mode, and I especially like the ability to fade the paper away into nothing and just write directly on a textured background of my choosing. However, I have run into a slight problem. Unless the background image you select precisely fits the aspect ratio of your screen, it won’t fill the screen. This can be a problem if the image is wider than the screen, leaving a gap at the top and bottom which you might find yourself typing on.

The obvious quick-fix to this problem is for the user to use image editing software to crop their background image to the appropriate ratio. However, I run into another problem. Half of my day is spent working plugged into an external monitor with a 5:4 ratio, the other half is using my MacBook’s native display at a 16:10 (this is what happens when you have a day job). This means that no single image will fit properly on both. To solve this, I currently have two copies of each and every single backdrop I want to use, one cropped to 5:4, the other cropped to 16:10. I put them into my project for quick access, and have to remember to switch back and forth as I move from one monitor to the other.

This solution works, and if I have to spend the rest of my days switching back and forth, it won’t be a terrible hardship. But a better solution would be if Scrivener included a “zoom” option for the fullscreen background (I prefer the idea of zooming and cropping the image to the alternative of distorting it by stretching it). While my situation may be slightly unique, such a feature would also benefit everyone who is using a background that doesn’t quite fit, without them having to do the extra work of cropping the image themselves in an external editor.

Take it for what it’s worth. I love this program!

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