Scaling issues

Hi, I work on dual monitors with all my software, including when I used Scrivener. I don’t use Scrivener so much now, but I had the same issue with it as I have for Aeon Timeline. If I open Aeon Timeline on my 4K monitor (laptop) the icons and the text is tiny and unreadable. Scaling is set to 250% (recommended) but the software seems not to detect it. If I log out then back in, it detects the scaling, then works… which is annoying. I want it to detect the scaling without messing around. Well, I found a fix that works for Aeon Timeline and the other apps I use, so it may fix some of Scrivener’s scaling problems, too. Here’s the link to the Youtube tutorial I found:
You can download the files and fixes from the video’s description. It’ll take you to pages where there are some weird ads, but you can skip past them to download the files. They are free of viruses and DO work. Very easy fix. I think they’ll work just fine for people having issues with scaling and Scrivener.
Hope this helps some of you. :slight_smile: