"Scan For Scrivener Links"

Hi all,

Wouldn’t it be great if we could set up our Binder with all of our Documents just the way we want, and then write all our text just the way we want it, and then tell Scrivener, “Scan my Project for Scrivener Links,” and then it would comb through the text of all of our Documents, and find all the occurrences of the titles of all of our Documents (with or without respecting the case of their names, our choice), and then turn all of those occurrences into Scrivener Links? I think this would be a great idea, and a great new feature that could be added.

—Andy H.

Are you looking for something along these lines to in effect have links, and the various capabilities those links can provide outside of Scrivener, or are you looking for a way to easily get around within a project based on text strings that happen to match the names of items in the binder elsewhere?

I’m thinking here of wikis, and how even in a wiki, where the premise is pervasive cross-referencing, one either needs to use CamelCase to make a link, or specifically request a link through syntax, rather than automatic phrase matching—the problem with the latter being that not every phrase that matches the name of a thing elsewhere is worthy of being a genuine link to that thing. We already have one of those ingredients (not the CamelCase thing, even wikis have evolved away from that approach given it demands artificial conventions in the text)—the [[bracket]] syntax.

But if a phrase of text can on demand function as-if it is a link, or a way of jumping from a string to a topic, without creating that pervasive and permanent litter of cross-references that could result in actually making links, would that hit what you’re looking for?

I’m looking for a way for Scrivener to mimic the way Voodoo Pad works, only with Scrivener links. In VoodooPad (which is a program for creating your own Wikis), when you are typing in a document, and you happen to type any string of text that matches the name of any document elsewhere in the project, then that text automatically becomes a hyperlink to that document within the current document. It’s wonderful. So, I’m looking for Scrivener to be able to mimic that functionality, or, be able to do the same thing with a Scan. Let’s say I have a project going, and in my Draft folder, I have the following three Documents:

“Planet Aeòvandàr Basic Features”
“Population Statistics For The Planet”
“Orbital Calculations For Planet”

Now, let’s say I create the following Document in the Draft folder as well:

“Introduction To Planet Aeòvandàr”

And within that Document, I type the following text:

“The Population Statistics For The Planet are as follows: 100,000,000 people live on the northern continent in the northernmost quadrant …”

Now then. I select the text, and I go to — let’s say it’s in the “Edit” menu — and I choose, “Scan For Scrivener Links.” What should immediately happen is that within that line of text in that Document that I just typed, the text that reads Population Statistics For The Planet should immediately turn blue and become a Scrivener link to the document “Population Statistics For The Planet.” This should be the case for every Document Title that I mention or have typed within the text of the Document.