Scannable cite does not appear in the dialog box

Help me, please, to find out why the option “scannable cite” does not appear in the dialog box of Insert pull down menu?
I work with Zotero manager and have translator “scannable cite” there and Zotero is my chosen manager for citation in Scrivener. In the attached picture below I have only an option: “insert a footnote”…
Scrivener screenshot

I will be grateful for your help.


That will call Zotero once you have it assigned as your citation manager. (You say you have.)

Citation manager setup


But I don’t believe Scrivener has any other function than that. It can’t go get the citation from Zotero. So, no function to insert citation. You have to do it, from Zotero.

Vincent, thank you for noticing my problem. I was talkin not about Bibliuography/Citations, but about a Footnote. On my old computer I had the option in this pull down menu “footnote as scannable cite” and I do not know why did it disappear :frowning:

No such menu item in Scrivener (V3, the least).
Are you not perhaps confusing Scrivener’s menu with some other app you used back then ?

Thank you very much, you are right…