Scapple (and Scrivenar) suggestions

I love both of these apps and have supported them from the beginning.

Does L&L actually read any of these suggestions and action any of these changes? How many suggestions about modifier contraint / alignment functions in Scapple do we need to make before they get heard?

I do feel that L&L enforce an ideology on their products without listening to real-world feedback at times. I’ve had this experience with both Scrivenar and Scapple over the years.

Yes, Scapple is meant to be freeform. Okay, but there are some alignment functions available - why not include some constraint options via modifier keys? Does this really corrupt the free-form ideology?

Please listen to your user base. These are the apps I want to use, but L&Ls approach feels incredibly obtuse at times.


We read all feedback. All suggestions are considered.

Whether and when a particular suggestion will actually be implemented depends on how well it fits the overall product, how difficult it is to do, and where it falls on our overall development priorities.


And regarding the specific issue raised of modifier keys for alignment - it’s currently possible to align after the fact via various menus, which is cumbersome and ineffective, but not while working via modifier keys. Can you address this issue specifically? Thanks

I just downloaded the trial version of Scapple, and very likely will purchase it.

I plan on using Scapple as a backward flowchart for different projects. What I would love to see is a grid background where I can layout the month when different branches of the project need to be completed. I have tried other systems and apps, but nothing has worked. I see a huge potential for such planning with Scapple and I hope the feature becomes available in the future.

May be there is a workaround this too, and that feature might not be necessary. I will keep experimenting.

Can my previous question be addressed please?

Again: will modifier keys be introduced to help with alignment while creating charts, not after the fact?

L&L never tell in advance what they plan to implement, or when. The general answer is ”you buy the product in its current shape”.

You won’t get an answer. :slight_smile:

You can have any image as your background, so you could make one yourself. The only limitation to that is that the Scapple board has no limits. It will keep expanding of you let it, and your image won’t. But if you make your background image sufficiently large it should work.

Absolutely true. To L&L: I supported you from day one, but because of your arrogant attitude towards your supporters regarding both pieces of software, I’m out.

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So you’re saying we can’t win?

If we provide a roadmap and release dates, we get raked over the coals if we fail to meet them.

If we don’t, we’re arrogant?

Got it, thanks,


You forgot the option “provide a roadmap and release dates, hit the targets, and be crucified because you didn’t include the niche features/fixes three people wanted.”

How dare you not invent time travel so you can combat the 24-hour day.


Who’s raking L&L over the coals for not meeting release dates?

It’s about a measured response to queries and suggestions.

And they’re hardly niche requests.

A lot of people. There are several threads with angry people because L&L made a guess about when the new Win version would be released and missed it. The same before the iOS version was ready.

The same people who don’t read the forums when L&L take the time to respond and explain why they won’t implement a (commonly requested) feature, that they don’t design features by popularity contest (unlike some software publishers that everyone loves to rag on but manages to implement a number of features that people seem to really want even when using software specifically designed to Not Act Like That).

That is a good idea. Thank you!

No software suggestions from me at the moment as I am still a novice in both. Until I become an expert I don’t really qualify to criticise the programmers for bugs or enhancements they are perceived to do nothing about.

Bugs, yes. It is my duty to point out observed bugs. It helps everyone. Time frame for fixing bugs I leave to the universe.

Wishful thinking for enhancements? I follow Buddha’s advice. My disappointments are because of my own wishes and expectations, not what the others fail to do. There is NO POINT in getting angry or thinking others are not listening. For the price of this software and what it can do at the moment for me, I will kiss ass if necessary to encourage programmers to keep on going.

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