Scapple and scrivener

I really like Scrivener, and use it with LaTeX and multimarkdown and think it is just the bees knees :slight_smile: I recently learned of Scapple and like it perhaps even more! A few suggestions, however:

In Scapple it would be great if users could
-change the default arrow for linking notes
-set hotkeys for changing note type/ color (e.g. I ‘brain dump’ a bunch of notes and them move them around, using color for organization. Quickly changing one or more notes would be really useful)

In Scrivener it would be super-great if
-importing from Scapple was easier (what am I missing?)
-latex support was better

Thanks for the great tools! I’m looking forward to what comes next!

Default arrow: I’d recommend learning the keyboard keys to press while dragging out connections. They are summarised in the QuickStart Guide from the help menu. Here they are:

Hotkeys: you can already customise just about any Mac application using the Keyboard System Preference pane. We have detailed instructions on how to do so.

Importing from Scapple to Scrivener: essentially just select the notes you wish to import and drag and drop them into the binder, or if you wish to preserve the layout (as close as can be done with index cards), drop the cards into a freeform corkboard.