Scapple as to-do non-hierarchical mind-map graph editor app

I had a long time searching an app that could satisfy me in my planning needs and finally found a Scapple - the best eye appealing software. But I regret to say that partially satisfied
After a short time use, I have noticed that connection lines are only stright, and I have waste a time to rearrange notes to prevent overlapping of lines and notes, It seems to be a significatnt drawback of software.

If connecting lines could evade notes and other lines manually or automatically the planning would be much easier and nicer to eyes. You could make an option in preferences how connector lines should behave - stright, segmented or curved to make happy anyone

The application heavily lacks ability to increase the thickness and change a color of the connector line by RMB.

Also notes could have a checkbox → striketrough or percentage completeness for to-do functionality

Scapple does not support some russian lang encoding when pasting to new note i.e ( шампунь , велосипед )

P.S. I searched the forum and it seems that devs are reluctant to introduce new features to Scapple, but it is OK maybe they are immature for that or don’t have a time. I think an alternative option is yEd