Scapple board appears odd after import into Binder

I have the same issue.

When I drag a Scapple file into the Binder and the click on the Scapple file I see a gray screen with what appears to be a scrollbar down the middle. I have posted an image, which I hope has uploaded.

I’ve split this to a new thread since the one you responded to was in regards to a system level bug that made importing via drag and drop impossible when in combination with hotkeys used to switch between programs (like Cmd-Tab).

In your case, you seem to have a Scapple board that imported without any troubles. The board itself however doesn’t appear fit the typical expectation of something that is roughly as wide as it is tall. Since the whole board must be scaled down to fit into your editor window, we would expect extremely tall & narrow boards like this to look like that.

If you don’t have notes on the board that far down (you can verify by holding down Z in Scapple), then there may be a bug in the Quick Look generator—would this .scap file be something you could send to us (our support address is secure, just make sure to reference this forum thread URL).