Scapple board size in pixels?


Is there a way to manipulate a Scapple board so that it’s resized to fit as a desktop background? I’m new to Scapple and the page setup doesn’t appear to support what I want (e.g. a 1920 x 1200 board). If there’s no better solution, then I guess exporting the finished board as an image file and then resizing that would be the way to go? I would welcome any suggestions.

Thank you.

If you set the board to show at actual size (F9) and then use full screen mode (F11), then you should be able to get close enough (you can use the View/Show Footer Bar command to hide it, getting even closer). From there, export as an image, and then pad it out with Paint or something by changing the canvas size to match the desktop.

Thanks so much, Amber, I will try this. :smiley: