Scapple board size

Hi - I’m trying to get an idea of the maximum size that I can stretch a scapple board to. As far as I can find, the user manual seems to suggest the board will keep on expanding endlessly as you add further notes on the margins etc.
If I take the board to its largest possible size currently (for example) by taking the zoom scale as far left as possible, I can make the board a bit larger by adding notes at the very edge. This then allows the board to expand incrementally at that edge.
What I was looking to do though was to take the board to its maximum size, put in a large collection of keywords and then add relevant text under those keywords as I build on some ideas. But, the largest size I can get the board to (without incrementally trying to make it larger on each side) doesn’t feel like it is large enough to work on.
I guess I would be able to group all the items with these keywords and move them later (which would probably have the effect of making the board larger then)?
Ideally though, I guess what I am getting to is this. Is it possible to preset the size of the board to something beyond what I get if I open a new board full screen and then zoom - without the incrementalist approach?

If you zoom all the way out, put a note in the top left and bottom right, select both, and drag the top-left note beside the bottom-right note with the Option key held down (this will duplicate the notes), the board should be roughly twice as large as it initially was. The trick is that since you had both selected, you’ve effectively pushed the bottom-right duplicate down as far away as it was originally to the top-left, meaning the now ultimate top-left is two full screen-widths away from the ultimate bottom right (with some copies in the middle). You can do similar contortions to make it even bigger, but you will reach a point (very quickly) where you can’t zoom out any further and the only way to navigate around is by scrolling—but by using this method you can continue selecting the visible top-left and bottom-right and Opt-dragging the top-left down to the bottom-right to increase the board by the maximum zoom size. Just doing that two or three times would result in a rather unwieldy artefact of computing, but you could keep doing this for a long time—I imagine you’ll eventually run into a situation where the integer used to describe the XY position of a note exceeds the largest number that can be set in a 32 or 64-bit environment… but good luck with that, that’s a very, very big number. :slight_smile:

[size=80]18,400,000,000,000,000,000, for 64-bit, if you’re curious.[/size]

Brilliant response.

Thank you. :laughing: