Scapple canvas size

Hello, I love scapple, it is easy, simple a genial!

I would like to make a couple of slides for a sort of power point presentation and I need the canvas to be 16:9 format. Is there a way to set this specific size so that I can maximise the space?

Thank you.

Just make screenshots of what you want to show.

I’d try making a suitable image of 16x9 format (1920 x 1080 px or 1280 x 720 px) with a narrow black border all round and install that as a background texture. Then make each of your scapple “slides” within that frame and take a screenshot (Shift-4 to define the area) and resize in an image editor as necessary.

Here’s a corkboard 1280 x 720 px version. Took a couple of minutes using Graphic Converter!



P.S. I don’t use Scapple, but people have posted a similar solution on a smaller scale to create a background grid

Thank you but my point was to arrange all the items in Scapple so that I could use all the real estate I have on the powerpoint slide.

Thank you, this solution is brilliant! I didn’t know that I could load a texture file!

A Scapple canvas has no limits so you would still have to make copies of what is seen on the screen. Either having one Scapple document per slide or use Xiamenese’s suggestion and have a framed texture which tiles itself over the whole canvas and zoom in on each in turn.