scapple compatability with Inspiration mindmapping


Ive just found Scapple and my eyes are gleaming! I have been using the (school level) pakage Inspiration for a while and it works ok, but im now needing to step up as im aiming at a Phd and need something that has some ‘balls’. I use a watered down version of inspiration on my ipad. I know that you are far off from scapple for iOS so am happy to work across scapple and inspiration but can they talk to each other?

the question is: maps that I create in inspiration can they be opened in scapple?


There isn’t really a “language”, such as RTF or even OPML, which addresses the kind of documents that Scapple and Inspiration produce. I don’t know much about Inspiration, but Scapple can import and export text lists of notes, so you could probably at least get the data over, but will have to rebuild the layout.