Scapple connection highlights

Hi guys, I think it would be super useful if there was a way to highlight all the notes connected with a certain selected note.

When the mindmap becomes complex understanding what is connected to what is fairly hard (I need to move things around). See example attached.

We thought that would be pretty neat too. :slight_smile: Try Shift-Cmd-A, or (the Edit/Select/Connected Notes menu command if you prefer). That is also a selection not just a highlight, making it a useful too when you need to move a bunch of stuff around to make more space in the middle or something.

Uhm, I see now, I missed that shortcut.
But I still think that aside from the notes it could highlight the lines between notes, just for added clarity!

Yes that has been requested before, some kind of accentuation of the line between two selected notes in general, which would in turn benefit an automatic tool like this selection command. It’s a technical matter of whether it is easy to do so.